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About the Valley Community Land Trust

The Valley Community Land Trust (VCLT) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that holds title to land, considering it neither as private nor public property, but as a sacred resource to be held in trust for present and future generations.

Holding land in trust     for 40 years

Since 1977, when VCLT was incorporated, we have acquired through donations and purchase, over 200 acres of land in Franklin County, MA. This land has provided homes for more than 50 people and provided a base for agriculture, forestry and various cottage industries.

Our nearly irreversible ownership of the land makes it accessible for generations to come and insulates it from market pressures. In addition, the VCLT's leases are structured to maintain reasonable resale values for our lessees' homes.

You can learn more about the Community Land Trust Movement's history at http://cltroots.org/

Land Trust Purposes

1)      To acquire and hold title to land, not as private or public property, but in trusteeship; to hold such land in stewardship for present and future generations by keeping said land from the pressures of speculation.

2)      To provide access to land, through long-term lease agreements, for persons who cannot secure or maintain access or do not wish to enter into private ownership of land.

3)      To facilitate access to housing for low-income people and others who wish to further the purposes of the Corporation.

4)      To encourage patterns of land management based on the responsible use of renewable and non-renewable resources and long-term productivity of the land.

5)      To do research concerning land management; to disseminate the results of that research and to educate the land trust community and the general public regarding access to low-cost housing, the conservation of natural resources and responsible long-term stewardship of the land.

6)      To support the creation of community based institutions and enterprises and to promote communication and cooperation among such institutions.

7)      To work with democratic decision-making processes in the functions of this community land trust and to build a structure and sense of community which will endure through comings and goings of individual members of the trust.

The Valley Community Land Trust
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